Tower Slo-Cooker

Tower Slo-Cooker Cookery Book

Old Tower Slo-Cooker

This is probably an unusual post for a blog about pillion biker experiences….but….as there are also the odd few food posts thrown in, I don’t feel too guilty.

A couple of people have emailed me and asked me for a copy of the Slo-Cooker Cookery Book that I had on my old blog. I think they’ve probably been hitting on some old links in Google. That post was probably the most visited post I ever had so there must be a lot of these old Tower Slo-Cookers still floating around.

I haven’t used mine in a while, but they’re so handy! I even cooked risotto in it once.

So, for those who are looking for the old, original cookbook, I’ve uploaded it here. Feel free to download it, and if you’ve any problems just drop me an email and I’ll mail it to you. Happy Cooking!!

The Tower Slo-Cooker Cookery Book Download

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