Soloheadbeg Memorial

Soloheadbeg Memorial, Tipperary

16. Tipperary – Soloheadbeg Memorial – 6 km NW of Tipperary 52.51191, -8.21133 The 21st of January 2019 marked one hundred years to the day when an ambush by members of the Irish Volunteers (IRA) on members of the Royal Irish Constabulary escorting gelignite explosives took place. The two members of the RIC were killed and the ambush is considered to have been the start … Continue reading Soloheadbeg Memorial, Tipperary

Ventilation Chimney Ballingarry

Steeple of Copper, Ballingarry, Tipperary

Wolfhound Photo Rally The Wolfhound Photo Rally run by IBAIreland (The Iron Butt Association) is another opportunity to visit and take photos of places you mightn’t normally think of . As with the Irish Photo Rally points, the locations are spaced throughout the country and it makes for a very interesting journey when the two lots are combined. Google Map Below is my current Google … Continue reading Steeple of Copper, Ballingarry, Tipperary