Skeheen's Bridge, Ballymacarbry

Irish Photo Rally 2020 – Skeheen’s Bridge, Waterford

17. Waterford – Skeheen’s Bridge – 6km SE of Ballymacarbry 52.22092° -7.68215° This is the first year that I’ve taken my own bike to do the Irish Photo Rally points. We decided one Sunday to make a start with Skeheen’s Bridge as it’s not too far away. After leaving the bike lying in the shed for so long, I was so nervous about taking it … Continue reading Irish Photo Rally 2020 – Skeheen’s Bridge, Waterford

Kilronan Church, Ballymacarbry, Waterford

Kilronan Church (Ruin), Waterford

The best bit about having a ‘partner in crime’ on the bike (or in the car) is that you’ve a better chance of spotting something interesting in the landscape that you might have missed if you’d been on your own. I’ve driven the road from Dungarvan to Clonmel countless times and never noticed the ruins of the church at Kilronan near Ballymacarbry. In fairness, the … Continue reading Kilronan Church (Ruin), Waterford