Master McGrath Monument, Dungarvan

Master McGrath Monument

Master McGrath – N72; 4km NW of Dungarvan 52.10941, -7.67313

Master McGrath Monument, Dungarvan

Master McGrath, Ireland’s most famous greyhound, was the runt of the litter when he was born in 1866. Weighing in at just 54lbs when fully grown, he was the first to win the Waterloo Cup (a prestigious coursing event named after the Waterloo Hotel in Liverpool) on three occasions.

Many stories abound about the little hound, and one of the more informative pieces on him was written by Joan Dillon for a website by the name of greytarticles and is worth a read.

Not only was Master McGrath commemorated with the monument sited outside Dungarvan on the road to Clonmel, but also with a sculpture in Lurgan (another photo point on the Irish Photo Rally this year), a commemorative six pence piece, and a poem that was put to music.

Master McGrath – Ronnie Drew, The Dubliners

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