Skeheen's Bridge, Ballymacarbry

Irish Photo Rally 2020 – Skeheen’s Bridge, Waterford

17. Waterford – Skeheen’s Bridge – 6km SE of Ballymacarbry 52.22092° -7.68215°

This is the first year that I’ve taken my own bike to do the Irish Photo Rally points. We decided one Sunday to make a start with Skeheen’s Bridge as it’s not too far away. After leaving the bike lying in the shed for so long, I was so nervous about taking it out again and trying to get out the sloped driveway with it.

Himself took the bike up the driveway for me so that I could get a good run at the road and get used to riding it again. Thank God! Because I stuttered and jerked along the road, and stalled every time I went to stop the bike at a junction. “I’m just being careful and checking for traffic” was the reassurance I gave him when he’d stop and look back for me.

It didn’t take too long for me to get going and all was well until we took a left turn not far from Ballymacarbry, down a narrow road with grass growing down the centre of it. I’d always wondered why the “Biker on the Front” (do I still call him that now that I ride my own bike) avoided the grassy bits in the middle of the road. I found out that day when my front wheel hit a nice muddy patch and the bike wobbled scarily. I managed to control it though and stayed well away from the danger zone after that.

We got our bike photos at the bridge and then drove on into Dungarvan for lunch. And, wouldn’t you know my luck, it bucketed rain when we were on the road back home. So, I had a baptism of fire that Sunday experiencing back roads and cold and rain for the first time (on my own bike), but it was the best practise I could have gotten.

The bike has been parked up for six weeks now, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but partly because I haven’t replaced the left foot peg which broke on a trip to Wicklow, but that’s another story.

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