Mick the Miller Statue, Killeigh

Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Mick the Miller, Killeigh

13. Mick The Miller – Killeigh; 8 km SE of Tullamore 53.21403, -7.45129

Mick the Miller Statue, Killeigh, Offaly
Mick the Miller, Killeigh, Offaly

Wait! What? Master McGrath isn’t the most famous greyhound of all time. Mick the Miller is, or so the website of MicktheMiller.com claims. As was the case with Master McGrath, Mick the Miller was also the runt of the litter and went on to win the English Derby in 1929 and 1930 and was the first greyhound to run 525 yards in under 30 seconds.

The statue was erected in 2011 and sculpted by artist, Elizabeth Kane, who carved the dog in such detail that she even included the scar on his right cheek.

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