Blacksmith, Coolagown

Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Blacksmith, Coolagown

18. Cork – Blacksmith, Coolagown – 7km E of Fermoy 52.1203, -8.18933

Blacksmith, Coolagown

Coolagown (or Cúil na Ghabhann as Gaeilge) means the Nook of the Blacksmith, and indeed it once was with three blacksmiths working in the village in close proximity to each other.

The Tidy Towns committee must work extremely hard here as it’s obvious driving through it that it’s a gold medal village. There are some beautiful features, the Blacksmith forge being just one of them, and I really must start taking more photos so that I can put them on this blog.

Sculptor Sean McCarthy is responsible for the fabulous blacksmith sculpture here. I’m not sure that he ever envisioned hundreds of bikers putting their helmets on the anvil but that’s what’s currently happening in the world of the Irish Photo Rally. Of course, some bikers actually take their heads out of their helmets first.

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