Irish Photo Rally 2018 Awards Night

The Irish Photo Rally 2018 awards night took place this year in the Hodson Bay Hotel on Saturday the 2nd of February. This was the first time I’d attended and it was a really well organised, fun evening that would inspire anyone to get involved in this year’s photo rally. It provided a great opportunity for bikers (and pillions) to meet up and enjoy a nice dinner and a few drinks.

It was a night that was entertaining in terms of presentation of the many many photos taken by all the entrants but that was also at times quite emotional. One got a great sense of camaraderie among all the participants, especially when those who weren’t there that night were mentioned and paid tribute to.


The event, attended by approximately 260 (?) people, started with badge collection for all the participants, and I collected my bronze badge – my first Irish Photo Rally badge.

Irish Photo Rally 2018 – Bronze Badge

Photo Presentation

After a lovely three course dinner in the Clonmacnoise Suite in the hotel, a slide show presentation of photographs from all the 260+ participants was given. One might have thought that a slide show of that many photographs would end up being a bit monotonous, but Gerry Christie is to be credited for an amusing commentary that left us all eagerly waiting in anticipation for each slide.

The photos ranged from humorous and casual in nature to those taken by participants with a serious eye for photography (whether accidentally or intentionally), and the photo (below) that the Biker on the Front took of me standing at MacCartneys Lock and Bridge in Kildare was one of the many that were shown on the ‘big screen’ as we had dinner. I stared at the screen for ages to try and capture a photo of a photo that I already have on my PC. Nuts, right?

I’m not a fan of my bright orange hair in this photo.

Irish Photo Rally 2018 Awards

This next image was taken at Strancally Castle. All I’ll say is….the object is a lot bigger the nearer you are to it. 😉

I prefer my hair in this photo.

Strancally Castle


Awards were given on the night to those who had taken photos that were creative, taken from different perspectives, taken by the youngest and oldest participants, the participant with the oldest bike, and other entertaining categories. All in all it was good craic!

As I said, the night would inspire anyone to take part in this year’s rally (it’d put the grá on ye), and the list of 2019 photo points is live on I’m looking forward to it already!

For now, I thought I’d post my photos from 2018. There were enough for the Bronze category this year. Thanks to my Biker on the Front for taking me with him on his trips and for all the fun times and laughs we’ve had this year visiting all the different points. Hopefully this year we’ll have a few more.

Getting high at the Ponderosa Bar
Stop the Lights at the Piper and Dancer sculpture
Blinded by the sun at Benburb Heritage Centre
Bawnboy Workhouse
Near…Far Away at Bawnboy Workhouse
Coolbuck Church
Coolbuck Church
Whitworth Aqueduct
Whitworth Aqueduct
Hill of Down Post Office
Hill of Down Post Office
MacCartneys Lock and Bridge
MacCartneys Lock and Bridge
Donoughmore Workhouse
Donaghmore Workhouse
Mark Foley’s Pub
Jimmy’s Hall Memorial
Albert Lock
Kylemore Bridge

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