Tacumshane Windmill

Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Tacumshane Windmill, Wexford

11. Wexford – Tacumshane Windmill – 7km SW of Rosslare 52.20876, -6.42406 I’ve just realised it’s been two months since I wrote a blog post. Years ago, in another blogosphere, I would blog every second day, or once a week at least. I’ve a lot going on at the moment between learning to ride my own bike (that’s a whole blog post in itself), and … Continue reading Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Tacumshane Windmill, Wexford

Kilronan Church, Ballymacarbry, Waterford

Kilronan Church (Ruin), Waterford

The best bit about having a ‘partner in crime’ on the bike (or in the car) is that you’ve a better chance of spotting something interesting in the landscape that you might have missed if you’d been on your own. I’ve driven the road from Dungarvan to Clonmel countless times and never noticed the ruins of the church at Kilronan near Ballymacarbry. In fairness, the … Continue reading Kilronan Church (Ruin), Waterford

Blacksmith, Coolagown

Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Blacksmith, Coolagown

18. Cork – Blacksmith, Coolagown – 7km E of Fermoy 52.1203, -8.18933 Coolagown (or Cúil na Ghabhann as Gaeilge) means the Nook of the Blacksmith, and indeed it once was with three blacksmiths working in the village in close proximity to each other. The Tidy Towns committee must work extremely hard here as it’s obvious driving through it that it’s a gold medal village. There … Continue reading Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Blacksmith, Coolagown

Mick the Miller Statue, Killeigh

Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Mick the Miller, Killeigh

13. Mick The Miller – Killeigh; 8 km SE of Tullamore 53.21403, -7.45129 Wait! What? Master McGrath isn’t the most famous greyhound of all time. Mick the Miller is, or so the website of MicktheMiller.com claims. As was the case with Master McGrath, Mick the Miller was also the runt of the litter and went on to win the English Derby in 1929 and 1930 … Continue reading Irish Photo Rally 2019 – Mick the Miller, Killeigh

Master McGrath Monument, Dungarvan

Master McGrath Monument

Master McGrath – N72; 4km NW of Dungarvan 52.10941, -7.67313 Master McGrath, Ireland’s most famous greyhound, was the runt of the litter when he was born in 1866. Weighing in at just 54lbs when fully grown, he was the first to win the Waterloo Cup (a prestigious coursing event named after the Waterloo Hotel in Liverpool) on three occasions. Many stories abound about the little … Continue reading Master McGrath Monument

Soloheadbeg Memorial

Soloheadbeg Memorial, Tipperary

16. Tipperary – Soloheadbeg Memorial – 6 km NW of Tipperary 52.51191, -8.21133 The 21st of January 2019 marked one hundred years to the day when an ambush by members of the Irish Volunteers (IRA) on members of the Royal Irish Constabulary escorting gelignite explosives took place. The two members of the RIC were killed and the ambush is considered to have been the start … Continue reading Soloheadbeg Memorial, Tipperary

Vulcan Sculpture, Stoneville Forge, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick

Vulcan Sculpture, Stoneville Forge

15. Limerick – Vulcan Sculpture, Stoneville Forge – 2km NW of Rathkeale 52.54198, -8.96261 Our ‘spur of the moment’ route last Sunday took us on a 271km loop and took in four photo points, the most unusual one (in my opinion) being the Vulcan Sculpture on the old forge ruin in Stoneville (an area previously known as Farranree) outside Ratheale in Limerick. Approaching from the … Continue reading Vulcan Sculpture, Stoneville Forge

Tankards town Copper Mine

Old Copper Mine, Waterford

I took this photo of the old copper mine at Tankardstown in County Waterford about six years ago and came across it today on an old external drive that I found lying in a drawer. Apart from the excitement of finding thousands of photos that I thought I’d lost, I was also thrilled to find that I’d the original raw files for many of them. … Continue reading Old Copper Mine, Waterford

Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens

Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens

For years the only Japanese gardens in Ireland that I’ve been familiar with were those in The National Stud in Kildare.  I took my two girls out to them a few times when I was living near Prosperous, and I have lots of photos of us standing on the pretty little red “Bridge of Life” posing in the warm summer sun.   Lafcadio Hearn Japanese … Continue reading Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens