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Blogging from the back of a Dual Sport Adventure Touring motorcycle produced by Honda ( I had to Google that), and other places too…..but mainly from the back of a Dual Sport Adventure Touring motorcycle….

Biker On The Back

Formerly blogging as QueenofPots, I recently entered the realm of bikers and motorcycles. I’ve been fortunate to meet someone who does all the hard work of steering and driving, as well as looking after the technical side of motorcycling (oil changes, tyre changing, etc.)….and he has a bike….which is how this started….

Enter…..the Biker on the Back!!

Or “pillion passengers” as we’re fondly referred to.

Being a pillion gives me an opportunity to think a lot (when I’m not looking out for speed bumps and red traffic lights), and it was during one of those few minutes of contemplation that I thought about blogging again.

About Biker on The Back

So, here it is! A blog about motorbiking around the Irish countryside (or further afield if I’m lucky), the effort to squeeze into tight biker gear that takes an age to zip up, the trials of finding the right size helmet and “functional underwear that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter”, the difficulties in finding PINK biker gear because the majority of bikers are men and it seems they’re not really into pink, the intricacies of trying to set up bluetooth intercoms so that you can sing along with each other on the long journeys, and the challenge in finding a song to sing other than “The Rattlin’ Bog” because you’ve been told off for even suggesting it.

To “Helmet Man” for being so supportive of me and where I’ve come from, here’s to an open road and many more miles ahead of us!

Yours in biking!